Pretend-Co Entertainment Productions

The creation of a Flash game site.

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The Future Wave In Flash Game Entertainment
Pretend-Co Entertainment is a game design company in its early production phase. We plan on creating great Flash games with unique and high quality artwork. In this community I plan on walking you step by step through the journey that my fiancé Adam and I will take in turning his idea into a Flash game website.

Current Project:
Creating "Pretend-Co: AJ's Adventure"

This 2D side scroller is about our video game obsessed protagonist AJ who is searching for his lost girlfriend Colleen. AJ had been knocked unconscious and everywhere he turns he sees objects and monsters from his favorite video games.

Adam's First Animation!


We need your help!

We are currently looking for people to join our team!
If you are an interested:

Flash Programmer
8-bit Music Artist
Level Designer
Web Designer
Enthusiastic Person who would be interested in helping us out

Please contact us at: PretendCo@Live.Com