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Socii sunt mihi (Nintendo needs to clean my Wii) - Pretend-Co Entertainment Productions

atariadamMar. 9th, 2008 04:01 pm Socii sunt mihi (Nintendo needs to clean my Wii)

So Off note, I picked up Smash Bros Brawl this morning and lo, I have a dirty Wii. As par Nintendo cause I enjoy smoking in my living room (Who doesnt?) I dirtied my lens in my Wii. My only option now is to send it to Nintendo HQ and have them repair it, for free :) I tried many many times to remedy the problem without having to ship out my system, tho the game was nice enough to update my system before it went kaput. So, tomorrow morning Caleigh and I are walking to fedex (I love Olympia) to send my Wii, and Smash bros to Nintendo. Hopefully ill get it back when I return to Olympia.

Good thing I live about 2 hours from Nintendo HQ should speed up the process eh? hehehehe.

On Pretend-Co news!!

WE HAVE AN OFFICE!!! Caleigh and I moved to Olympia this past weekend and have been huffing all Olympia has to offer, and its beautiful. I love this place a lot, everything is walking distance and there are so many trees and mountains. Seattle is nice but Olympia stole my heart :) ahhhhh.

Ahem, So with this new place we have an extra room which will be used for Pretend-co workings. My art table and workstation are all located in one room (Which I can decorate for inspiration.) for an ease of working. Once we return around next Wendsday I can start working hardcore. Heres what I mean

>> Ink, color and post more drawings
>> Update the website
>> Post listings for anyone who knows how to work with Flash to code for Pretend-co
>> Dance nekkid

a big help is Evergreen college (Down the road heh) where im sure there are a few people who would like to join our team. Mind you this team is nothing more than a hobbyist developer much like these guys


They made a really wonderful game (hard too) that looks amazing. The animation is what im drawn to, you dont see games made in flash like these everyday.

Well, im off to spend one last night with my wii before I send it for a cleanin. Take care all!!

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